Coleoptera Cerambycidae Lamiinae

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Many contributions to the knowledge of Lamiinae (Coleoptera Cerambycidae) have recently been produced: 82 papers were published in 2018 and 75 since January. Their authors formalized 294 new taxa, 94 synonymized taxa and 160 recombined taxa. Now, the updated catalog lists 19,959 species of Lamiinae, combined to 2,645 genera.

Overview of recent information

Last update of website performed on November 16, 2019.

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Last pictures exposed in gallery

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Last pictures exposed in gallery

Acmocera lutosa, ♀, Acmocerini, Sao Tome
Acmocera lutosa

Sao Tome
Thylactus lateralis, ♀, Xylorhizini, Malayan Peninsula
Thylactus lateralis

Malayan Peninsula
Spodotaenia werneri, ♂, Neopachystolini, Kenya
Spodotaenia werneri

Pseudobrimus nigrovittatus, ♂, Phrissomini, Tanzania
Pseudobrimus nigrovittatus

Cyrtogrammus yamasakoi, paratype ♀, Xylorhizini, Borneo
Cyrtogrammus yamasakoi
paratype ♀
Capitocrassus castaneus, ♀, Petrognathini, Sumatra Is.
Capitocrassus castaneus

Sumatra Is.
Onalcidion fibrosum, ♀, Acanthocinini, French Guiana
Onalcidion fibrosum

French Guiana
Mimohammus flavescens, ♂, Monochamini, Malayan Peninsula
Mimohammus flavescens

Malayan Peninsula


7,979 recorded contributions among which 75 published since January

Taxonomical index

34,556 recorded taxa among which 140 published since January

Other information

Counters after last update of database and website on November 16, 2019

  • 3,296 authors, 7,979 publications in bibliography
  • 83 tribes, 2,645 genus, 19,959 species in catalog
  • 34,556 taxa in index
  • 478 regions with faunistic catalog
  • additional data from labels of 20,382 lamiines for 4,502 species in author's collection
  • 1,929 illustrations in gallery