Lamiines of World – Coleoptera Cerambycidae Lamiinae

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Otherwise where and how to find the information, the guide below can help you to use the features.


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Where and how to find the information you are looking for ?

for species or other group of Lamiinae

Find taxon or group-name with search form above then see catalog for valid name and more information about group.

The input filter of search form allows many possibilities.

A search term corresponds to

  • a taxon for example: ferruginea
  • an author's name, for example: Breuning
  • a year of publication, for example: 1960

With several terms, a composite filter corresponds to

  • a combined taxon (old or recent combinaison for any rank), for example: Pterolophia (Albana) m-griseum
  • an author and a year, for example: Aurivillius, 1900
  • an author and one co-author, for example: Martins & Galileo
  • an author and abbreviation al. if more than 2 authors, for example: Martins & al.
  • a taxon and an author, for example: annulata Aurivillius
  • a taxon and a year, for example: annulata 1900

The two characters '*' or '.' are usable for

  • a variable termination, for example: gris* returns grisea griseum griseus
  • an abbreviation, for example: A. Aur. Auriv.

Before filtering taxa into the database, the search terms are converted to lowercase and without accent.

for articles and other publications

As explained above, find taxa and group then access to the bibliography of group.

Otherwise use the bibliography indexes that allow you to select an author, a journal, or a year then list the publications.

for regions and faunistic catalogs

The Regions page allows you to browse World according to two overviews, geographical and biogeographical, and on several levels.

The "where and when to go" tool helps you to prepare an expedition.

for other requirement

To identify, there are also keys and a gallery.
And so on.

Finally, the best is to navigate and discover the website with all its possibilities and features.