Coleoptera Cerambycidae Lamiinae

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About this website is present on Web for 16 years

Lamiaires du Monde, Lamiines of World

The website focuses exclusively on Lamiinae also called lamiines or flat-faced longhorned beetles.

Lamiaires du Monde is the french name of the original version, and Lamiines of World, its translation.

It results from the work done by the author for 24 years to build the information system, update the database and enrich the content of the site.


Jean-Philippe Roguet

author Jean-Philippe Roguet, 60 years old, architect of information system, living near Paris, interested in the entomology for 44 years, the last 32 years dedicated to the group of flat-faced longhorned beetles.

I built the entomological database management system in 1996 to compile a comprehensive and up-to-date catalog of Lamiines. The graph theory inspired me algorithms to build the tree of the valid group combinations and generate faunistic catalogs from the elementary data (citations, naming acts, localities) found in the bibliography.

I created the website in 2004 to share the results of this heavy work. And like me, consult the catalogs but also gallery and collection, use for example the tools of research or the implemented keys to determine your specimens.

I developped programs and designed the templates of the thousands of pages of the website with PHP, MYSQL, HTML, CSS and Javascript. The illustrations were realized with Nikon D90 and now D7500, AF Micro-Nikkor 60mm f/2.8, 4 SRB200, Photoshop and Helicon software.

My permanent concern is the continuous enrichment of the website to constitute a useful and pleasant reference for all the visitors.


© 2004-2020 all rights reserved

All rights are reserved.

Of course, it is possible for any site to link to any page of or for any publication to cite a website resource without express permission.

I use my initials to sign the photos of flat-faced longhorned beetles.

For any question about rights of reproduction and use, contact me !

Please do not use from Pinterest the photos looted in the gallery. Their sources are not even mentioned. They were copied illegally by unscrupulous people and disrespected for hundreds of hours of work that were needed to produce them.

Thank you to respect work. For example with photos, each illustration required to

  • obtain entomological material
  • prepare meticulously the specimens
  • take several shots of the most representative one and combine the stack into focused image with Helicon software
  • edit images with Photoshop
  • integrate images in gallery and publish the illustrated pages online

The agreement to reproduce some photos has been given to

  • Larry G. Bezark for his website A Photographic Catalog of the CERAMBYCIDAE of the World
  • Eugenio H. Nearns for his website
  • Eric Jiroux for Les Cahiers Magellanes


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