Insecta Coleoptera Cerambycidae

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Acanthocinini of Saskatchewan

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Saskatchewan has 5 species combined to 4 genera (1 subgenus) ranked in Acanthocinini


Acanthocinini  [5] Catalog  [2,205]

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For species of Saskatchewan, subdivided into 4 genera

Implemented key

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  • a) Partial regional key to genus derivated and adapted from (MonnĂ©&al.,2020),(idem+erratum),(MonnĂ©&Santos-Silva,2022),(Santos-Silva&Botero,2024) [with/without erect setae on elytral surface (Mexico and Central America)]

List of species

5 species

  • Acanthocinus (Acanthocinus) pusillus Kirby, 1837
  • Astyleiopus variegatus (Haldeman, 1847)
  • Hyperplatys aspersus (Say, 1824)
  • Hyperplatys montanus Casey, 1913
  • Moneilema annulatum Say, 1824