Coleoptera Cerambycidae Lamiinae

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Freopsis of Afrotropical region

Help to determinate lamiines and contribute to the knowledge of fauna


Afrotropical region has 1 species of Freopsis.



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  • a) Regional key to subspecies derivated and adapted from (Breuning,1942) • not translated

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List of species

2 species and subspecies

  • Freopsis leucostictica leucostictica (White, 1858)
  • Freopsis leucostictica nebulosa Breuning, 1942
    • Gabon • Province de l'Estuaire, Forêt de la Mondah • 1♂ • 12.5 mm • xii-2017 • lam.#19923
    datas on labels of lamiines in author's collection