Coleoptera Cerambycidae Lamiinae

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Ocularia of Ethiopia

Help to determinate lamiines and contribute to the knowledge of fauna


Ethiopia has 4 species ranked in Ocularia.


Ocularia  [4] Catalog  [31]

Subgroup of

For species of Ethiopia, subdivided into 2 subgenera...

For species of Ethiopia, subdivided into 2 subgenera

Implemented key

Use key to determinate specimens

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  • a) Regional key to subgenus derivated and adapted from (Téocchi&al.,2004),(Roguet,pers.) • not translated

possible resulting taxa

List of species

4 species...

4 species

  • Ocularia abyssinica Teocchi & al., 2004
  • Ocularia cineracea aethiopica Teocchi & al., 2004
  • Ocularia juheli Teocchi & al., 2004
  • Ocularia undulatofasciata legrandi Teocchi & al., 2004