Coleoptera Cerambycidae Lamiinae

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Morimonellini of West Palearctic region

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West Palearctic region has 1 species combined to 1 genus of Morimonellini.


West Palearctic region Region

<i>West Palearctic region</i>

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Morimonellini Catalog

For species of West Palearctic region, subdivided into 1 genus

List of species

  • Morimonella bednariki Podany, 1979
    • South European Russia • Krasnodar region, Goriachy Kluch, 600m • 1♀ • 17 mm • v-2003 • lam.#16727
    • South European Russia • Western Caucasus, Goryachiy Kluch, Mt. Shchiotka • 1♀ • 15.5 mm • v-1993 • lam.#15655
    datas on labels of lamiines in author's collection