Coleoptera Cerambycidae Lamiinae

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Stephens, J. F.

J. F. Stephens contributed to the knowledge of Lamiinae in 2 publications with 1 new taxa.


  • Stephens, 1831 • Baldwin & Cradock, London • 4: 1-413, 23 pl.
    Illustrations of British Entomology or, a synopsis of indigenous insects. Mandibulata
  • Stephens, 1829 • Baldwin & Cradock, London • 68 pp.
    The nomenclature of British insects ; being a compendious list of such species as are containes in the Systematic Catalogue of Britisk Insects, and forming a guide to their classification, &c


  • Aphelocnemia Stephens, 1831 [Mesosa (Aplocnemia) syn.]
  • Aplocnemia Stephens, 1831 [Mesosa subgen.]