Coleoptera Cerambycidae Lamiinae

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Dutt, N.

N. Dutt contributed to the knowledge of Lamiinae in 2 publications.


  • Dutt, 1961 • Bull. Entomol. Res. • 51: 765-779, 6 fig.
    Studies on the bionomics on the jute stem girdler, Nupserha bicolor postbrunnea Dutt (Col., Lamiidae)
  • Dutt, 1957 • Bull. Entomol. Res. • 47: 777-783, 1 pl., 5 fig.
    Mandibular length in Nupserha bicolor Thoms. ssp. postbrunnea Breun. (Col., Lamiidae) as the factor in determining the site of oviposition in Corchorus olitorius


  • postbrunnea Dutt, 1952 [Nupserha bicolor syn.]