catalog Saperdini Mulsant, 1839 Asia

group t g s region
Cerambycidae Lamiinae 83 3,023 21,300 World 43 1,168 8,543 Asia Saperdini 88 1,064
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(bio)geographical distributionAsia

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AcroniogleneaBifidunguigleneaBlamadaCagosimaCallundineChlorisanisClavoserixiaCristobereaCyaneophytoeciaDystomorphusEntelopes (Aspineoentelops)E. (Entelopes)E. (Mustafaia)E. (Wallaceentelopes)EudaphisiaEumecoceraEutetraphaGlenea (Accolona)G. (Acutoglenea)G. (Annuliglenea)G. (Aridoglenea)G. (Brunneoglenea)G. (Citrinoglenea)G. (Euglenea)G. (Formosoglenea)G. (Glenea)G. (Grossoglenea)G. (Lineatoglenea)G. (Lobunguiglenea)G. (Luteoglenea)G. (Macroglenea)G. (Menesioglenea)G. (Metaglenea)G. (Poeciloglenea)G. (Porphyrioglenea)G. (Pseudotanylecta)G. (Punctoglenea)G. (Reginoglenea)G. (Rubroglenea)G. (Rufoglenea)G. (Spiniglenea)G. (Stiroglenea)G. (Subgrossoglenea)G. (Tanylecta)G. (Vittiglenea)GlenidaHemicryllisHeterogleneaMallodermaMenesiaMenesidaMetallonupserhaMimocagosimaMimochlorisanisNedytisisNeoserixia (Neopraolia)N. (Neoserixia)NeoxanthaNietzscheanaNiponostenostolaOssonisParadystusParagleneaParamenesiaParastenostolaParazosneParentelopesPareutetraphaPraoliaPseudochlorisanisPseudogleneaSaperda (Compsidia)S. (Lopezcolonia)S. (Saperda)SaperdogleneaSavangScytasisSerixia (Nigroserixia)S. (Serixia)S. (Xyaste)SerixiomenesiaSerixiophytoeciaStenostolaStibara (Stibara)S. (Tristibara)ThermistisThyestillaZosne

taxa, synonymsbibliography

  • Saperdaires Mulsant, 1839
  • Gleneitae Thomson, 1864
There are many websites on longhorned beetles today. The links page namedCerambycoidea ring ( lists most of them.

Some examples of representative websites on their perimeter:
  • is also interesting for its forum, its gallery and its digital library
  • gives an updated list of taxa very useful for example to check the spelling and valid combination to apply
  • has a very useful gallery to determine the longhorned beetle
  • is a Brazilian scientific electronic library (Iheringia, Revista Brasileira de Entomologia, Zoologia...)
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