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There are many websites on longhorned beetles today. The links page namedCerambycoidea ring (www.cerambycoidea.com) lists most of them.

Some examples of representative websites on their perimeter:
  • www.cerambycoidea.com is also interesting for its forum, its gallery and its digital library
  • www.biolib.com gives an updated list of taxa very useful for example to check the spelling and valid combination to apply
  • plant.cdfa.ca.gov/byciddb has a very useful gallery to determine the American longhorned beetle
  • www.scielo.com is a Brazilian scientific electronic library (Iheringia, Revista Brasileira de Entomologia, Zoologia...)
auteur Jean-Philippe Roguet, author of the website, I use since 2007 the initials to sign my photos of flat-faced longhorned beetles.

Of course, it is possible for any site to create a link towards any page of lamiinae.org or for any publication to cite a resource without express authorization.
For any question about rights of reproduction and use, contact me !

How to quote this website ?
Roguet (J.-P.), 2017
Lamiaires du Monde (Coleoptera Cerambycidae Lamiinae)
www.lamiinae.org [21/09/2017]
or Roguet (J.-P.), 2017
Lamiines of World (Coleoptera Cerambycidae Lamiinae)
www.lamiinae.org?lg=en [2017-09-21]
auteur Jean-Philippe Roguet, 57 years old, architect of information system, living near Paris, interested in the entomology for 42 years, the last 28 years dedicated to the group of flat-faced longhorned beetles.

I created the backoffice entomological database in 1996 and the website in 2004 The graph theory inspired me algorithms to build the tree of the valid group combinations and generate faunistic catalogs from the elementary data (citations, naming acts, localities) found in the bibliography.

I designed and developped programs and templates of the 120,000 pages of the website with PHP, MYSQL, HTML, CSS and Javascript. Most of the illustrations were realized with Nikon D80/D90, AF Micro-Nikkor 60mm f/2.8, 4 SRB200, Photoshop and CombineZM.

My permanent concern : the continuous enrichment of the website to constitute a useful and pleasant reference for all the visitors.
jpr No possible to contact me for the moment...
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